About Our Company

Rundle & Dorey Ltd was founded in 2015 by the original owners. Management changed hands to Westcloud Capital Ltd in March 2021.

What We Do

Conservatory Ceilings

Our Conservatory Ceilings were the first offering that Rundle & Dorey created.  Using the best materials and building methods, we bring you warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.

Conservatory Roof Repairs and Replacements

Some of the Roofs we have seen as a company would not be able to support a ceiling due to the construction methods used, so we can repair or replace roofs.

Solid Tiled Roofs

As part of our growth, we can now offer the installation of the Pinnacle Range by Supalite. These roofs have been certified and with our Guaranteed insulation we can ensure a problem-free insulation

Our Main Offerings

Our primary business is upgrading conservatories so they are more comfortable for a larger portion of the year. Our mainstay has been high quality insulation of conservatory roofs with a plastered finish that looks on the interior like it is part of the home, sculpted to echo the roof line instead of a simple low flat ceiling.

In recent years we began to offer Solid Roofs for those who want not only greater comfort, but an exterior appearance that looks more like an extension of the house. These look like a tiled house roof, but at a fraction of the weight in order to stay within the load limits of conservatory frames.

For customers who choose solid roofs, the manufacturer that makes them to order offers a 30 year guarantee on the roof but they do not offer installation services. Most installers are not large enough to offer a guarantee on their work. We do.

We offer a ten-year insurance backed guarantee on both our plaster finished insulated ceilings and our installation services for engineered replacement roofs.

If you are spending a lot of time at home and want to enjoy your conservatory in more than only the nicest months, our solutions provide the enhanced comfort you want with a high-quality finish.

We also offer the option of replacing your current glass or poly-carbonate conservatory roof with a new roof. If your conservatory roof is not able to support an insulated ceiling due to its age or design, we can fit new replacement roofs on any conservatory design and complement it with a new insulated ceiling at the same time.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

Our insulated ceilings and Solid Roofs use only the best insulation material giving an eco friendly solution.


Made in the UK

Our Solid Roofs, Replacement roofs are all manufactured in the UK, and our insulated ceilings use SuperFoil SF19 also manufactured in the UK.


High Quality Construction Management

All of our installations are project managed to completion by our experienced team in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and completed to all the local regulations.

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Completed Projects

Field Workers

Office Staff

What’s New or Coming Soon

We recently improved our installation services, expanding our ability to install built-in lighting and paint your new ceiling after the plaster dries.

We nearly doubled our capacity to carry out auxiliary conservatory maintenance such as leak sealing where needed before we can fit an engineered roof or an insulated plastered ceiling.

As soon as our license comes through, we plan to expand the financing options we can offer you.

We can’t tell you yet about our plans for additional products, but some are on the drawing board. Right now we are officially about enhancing the comfort of your conservatory. In the near future we want to help you enhance the comfort of more of your home’s inside-while-outside living space. If you want something akin to but not quite what we offer now – say, a garden office – talk with us.

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